Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Touch has amazing power. At our Boca Raton spa, our therapists use touch to channel that power. Let touch heal, revitalize, and balance you during your selected treatments. Balance Spa focuses on natural and genuine therapeutic spa and wellness services. Each offering is personalized to benefit you, the individual. Our massages, facials and body therapies provide a deeply therapeutic experience. The result is decreased pain, an enhanced immune system, and improved circulation. Most importantly, we offer relaxation and happiness.

A tenet of our spa’s success is the atmosphere we provide. From the moment you enter our doors you are enveloped in a serene, yet genuine environment, making Balance Day Spa unlike any other experience you will find in a Boca Raton. Our promise is to bring you to a state of optimal health, while embodying an atmosphere of respect, loyalty, and appreciation.

Our Mission

At Balance Spa, our mission is to provide personalized, unique experiences for each individual. We promise to evaluate your needs and goals prior to any treatment. We will adapt each visit’s therapeutic treatment plan to address your wants and concerns in the most beneficial way.


What To Expect

When you arrive for your experience at Balance Spa, we will be expecting you. Our Spa Coordinator will greet you with a smile and welcome you into the family. Upon check-in, we will invite you to relax with a glass of purified water or herbal tea. Meanwhile, your therapist will prepare your personalized, rejuvenating experience.

While many Boca Raton spas offer 50 or 80 minute massage therapy appointments, our boutique spa offers full 60 and 90 minute massages. Our therapists spend 100% of their hour or hour and a half with you. We listen carefully to each of our clients, with a focus on healing. Rest assured you will have the exact experience you were hoping for and more.

Thank you for joining our Balance Spa family. We know you’ll feel renewed each time you step through our doors.

What to expect

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