Balance Spa

Balance Spa has the most talented licensed massage therapists and skin care specialists of any Boca Raton spa! Our staff is not only knowledgeable, they are truly passionate in their chosen career and this comes through in their services. Unlike at some Boca Raton spas, our staff of skilled and diverse experts enjoy the freedom to adapt each service to truly meet your personal needs.  Our therapists will provide you with a private and appropriate setting during each visit, ensuring you have great experience every time you are with us. Read through their bios below and find the perfect therapist for you. In Boca Raton massage therapy is best at Balance Spa!

Carolyn Krome

Carolyn Krome

Skin Care Specialist – FB9758448

Licensed Skin Care Specialist since 2000. Specialties include: Skincare treatments for all skin types/conditions, corrective peels, microdermabrasion, micro-needling, dermaplaning, ultrasound therapy, LED light therapy and many other modalities.

Carolyn comes to Balance Spa with an extensive background working as an esthetician in dermatology and plastic surgery practices, as well as some of the top luxury spas in the country. She has vast experience in a multitude of skincare services and products. One of the most rewarding aspects of her career has been mentoring estheticians just starting out in the industry.

Carolyn attended the Rizzieri Aveda School in Marlton, NJ which provided her with an initial foundation as a skin care specialist. She then launched her career as an aesthetician with one of the leading cosmetic dermatologists on the east coast. This is where she received valuable advanced training in all aspects of her field.

With Carolyn’s results oriented approach and masterful spa touch, you are sure to leave Balance Spa radiant and relaxed.

Skin Care Specialist

Julia Vandalsem

Skin Care Specialist – FB 9757828

Licensed since 2017. Specialties include: Skin Care Treatments (all skin types/conditions), Microdermabrasion, Peels, Body Treatments and Waxing.

Originally from Russia, Julia emigrated to the US in 2012.  She enjoys working with people and started her career in the US at Saks 5th Avenue and Nordstrom in a fast paced and customer-centric retail environment.  As she began learning more about skin care, she realized what a hidden passion this was for her.  After attaining her Facial Specialist license from the Boca Beauty Academy in January, 2017 she jumped right into her new career, gaining valuable experience.  Julia she loves making people feel welcome, cared for and comfortable.  Seeing happy clients with glowing and healthy skin after a thorough facial treatment is what she finds extremely rewarding!

Julia enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle with daily workouts and long walks on the beach.

Licensed Massage Therapist

Gabby Robotti

Licensed Massage Therapist – MA 76158

Licensed Massage Therapist since 2011. Specialties include: Swedish, deep tissue, sports and stretching, rehab injuries, hot stones, Himalayan salt stone massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, Japanese scalp and face massage.

Gabby is passionate about health and fitness and finds that it enhances her healing intuition as a massage therapist.  By identifying the source of pain or limited range of motion, she focuses on resolving underlying issues in addition to pain management.

She has worked on professional NFL and NBA players as well as Olympic boxers and racquetball champions.  In helping athletes to recover from long term and acute injuries she has learned many advanced massage techniques and strategies.

Since becoming licensed in 2011, Gabby has learned many new modalities through advanced continuing education and experiences.  She employs multiple modalities during a massage in a relaxing and comfortable way while still ensuring the goals of the treatment are achieved.

Whether you come to see Gabby for relaxation at the end of a long day or have specific issues, she will always give her best to ensure you are well taken care of.

Carmen Lisa Marie

Licensed Massage Therapist – MA90852

Licensed Massage Therapist since 2018. Specialties include: deep tissue, Swedish, reflexology and Reiki.

Carmen’s goal during a massage therapy session is to release tension and trauma not only in the body, but also in the mind and soul.  She uses her advanced training in Reiki to enhance her Swedish and deep tissue massage work.  Her training in Hatha Yoga has helped her to gain a deeper understanding of the musculature of the body.

She utilizes the connection between breath and body to ease clients into receiving a most restorative and healing experience.  Her work is fully geared towards the unique needs of each client.  Carmen welcomes you to Balance Spa and asks that you let her know your needs so that she can give you the most beneficial and relaxing experience.

Alexandra Lopez Massage Therapist

Alexandra Lopez

Licensed Massage Therapist – MA91018

Licensed Massage Therapist since 2005. Specialties include: Lymphatic Drainage Therapy,
painlessly breaking up restrictions and restoring function with a combination of Trigger Point
Therapy, Breathwork, Lympho-Fascial Release and working with the body’s Myofascial

Alexandra is originally from Northern Virginia, and has an extensive background in healthcare and medical research. Her passion has always been understanding the connection between our thoughts and energy and how this affects out bodies and our health. She has a Bachelors degree in Biology and Psychology from George Mason University and worked at NIH in Bethesda as research assistant and clinical coordinator within the psychoneuroimmunology department.

Eventually, in an effort to heal herself from autoimmune diseases, she discovered the holistic benefits of massage. This led to her graduating from the Edgar Cayce /Harold Reilly School of Holistic Massage Therapy in Virginia Beach in 2005. This is where she learned that true healing is an inside job and massage therapy is a wonderful tool that can help reconnect the bodymind to facilitate healing. She has since worked at many spas in Las Vegas and Washington DC as well as spent several years working in a physical therapy practice. Her specialties include helping people free themselves of restrictions painlessly, by combining Lympho-Fascial Release, trigger point therapy, breath work and working with the body’s Myofascial Meridians.

Carla Villagran

Carla Villagran

Spa Coordinator

As our Spa Coordinator, Carla will always welcome you with a warm smile and ensure you are comfortable throughout your visit.  She has been a Balance Spa team member since January 2016.

Her social nature allows her the ability to quickly assess individual needs and ensure an optimal match between client and therapist. With a passion for learning about new products, treatments and industry trends, Carla enjoys guiding new clients through which services best meet their needs.

Born in Guatemala, Carla moved to Florida at the age of 12.  She grew up in Boca Raton, FL and is currently working on her Bachelor’s Degree in Management at Florida Atlantic University.  You will find Carla at our Front Office on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s.  If you’re in the area, please make her day by popping in and saying hello!

Spa Coordinator

Jennifer Burns

Spa Coordinator

Originally from the mid-west, Jennifer has made her way south to experience all that the Florida sun has to offer!  She first discovered Balance Spa as a client and loved it so much she decided to join the team!

She enjoys all things self-care- from spa treatments to fashion to culinary arts, and everything in between!

She keeps herself current by researching and testing the latest products for all skin types but finds the middle-aged skin most interesting. Jennifer believes that skin care routine and treatments are the key to a brighter face and attitude!

Carley Torres

Carley Torres

Spa Coordinator

As our Spa Coordinator, Carley is focused on making sure you always feel comfortable and that all of your needs are addressed.

Carley has the natural ability to attend to every detail at our spa front desk.  She enjoys creating an environment of tranquil harmony for each client.  Her dream is to develop her own beauty lounge with facial, waxing and make up services.  In that pursuit, she is currently attending school to obtain her skin care license.

In order to create the perfect spa experience, Carley believes focuses on listening to our clients’ needs and making sure they are addressed every time.  She truly looks forward to making your experience at Balance Spa memorable and a regular occurrence!