Who would have thought there is even a “best massage” when it comes to strengthening your immune system? There is! By using natural immune boosting products like castor oil and essential oils, your immune system can truly be strengthened.

Immuno Massage Procedure

During the Immuno Massage, you request the type/style of massage you would like (e.g. Swedish or Deep Tissue or a mix) which we customize to your needs and then incorporate the immune boosting additions. Firstly we apply a castor oil warm pack on your back. This involves applying a layer of castor oil (blended with our in-house “four thieves” essential oil blend) on your back, covering with a muslin towel and then a moist heating pad. For the 10 to 15 minutes the castor oil pack is working its magic and transporting you into a deep state of relaxation, we massage your legs. Next, we apply a few drops of peppermint essential oil to the bottom of your feet and cover with the moist heating pad. While that’s cooking, we work the back and shoulder area which is now nicely tenderized from the warmth and oils! The Immuno Massage is not only the best massage but also the best massage for your immune system.

By the time we ask you to turn over, the massage room is filled with the healing aroma of clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus and rosemary. We continue to focus the remainder of the massage as per your needs and finish off with a deep inhalation of the “four thieves” blend. The Immuno Massage is a unique experience that combines the healing properties of castor oil, warmth and essential oils to bring you the best massage experience and bolstering your immune system.

“Four Thieves” Blend

Our in-house “four thieves” blend contains 100% pure blend of the following essential oils: clove bud, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus and rosemary. These oils are very well known for their protective properties and the story of the “four thieves” goes back to the days of the bubonic plague. The story goes that during that time, there were four thieves robbing graves of the infected who had died from the plague. The four thieves seemed to be immune as they did not become infected. After being arrested, in exchange for their freedom, they agreed reveal the secret of why they were immune. Apparently they doused themselves with this blend of essential oils before robbing the graves and claimed this is what kept them from being infected.

Castor Oil Pack

Castor oil packs have been scientifically proven to increase the production and activity of a type of white blood cell (T-cell lymphocytes). Increasing lymphocyte ‘traffic’ throughout the body stimulates the immune response.  This equates to the body producing more antibodies as well as killing viruses, fungi, bacteria and cancer cells.  This increase in T-cells peaks at seven hours after the treatment and declines to normal within 24 hours. Therefore it is highly beneficial if you continue doing the castor oil packs regularly.

You can enjoy either a 60 minute or 90 minute Immuno Massage, in fact, some clients have even indulged in 2 full hours of this healing experience. At Balance Spa, we are confident that we provide the best massage in Boca Raton but now you know we also provide the best massage to keep your immune system strong! Click here to book your appointment now.

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