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What are the Differences Between Professional Skin Care Products and OTC Products?

If you often find yourself pondering in the skin care aisle of your local drug store, and then staring at the shelves at the spa for a hint of what product to choose for your skin, you’re not alone. While over the counter (OTC) products may come in attractive packaging, they also tend to be [...]

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Q&A: What is Craniosacral Therapy Used For?

We’ve all heard of massage therapy and facials and the many benefits that they reap. But if you have an interest in energy healing, chakras, reiki or a combination of these with massage, you may be interested in booking a craniosacral therapy appointment with Vicki at Balance Spa. This service sits on the border of [...]

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6 Benefits Of Dermaplaning

When watching movies, have you ever wondered how actresses get their faces to look so flawless? You may think it must either be brilliant makeup artists or a luck of the draw. Well, we’re here today to tell you that what you’re seeing may be some of the benefits of dermaplaning.  What exactly is a dermaplane [...]

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The Unseen Skin Threat Lurking in the Urban Jungle

Lurking deep within the urban jungle is an insidious fiend. It preys on all; unwavering in its silent attack and constant assail against our very being. This threat lurks everywhere and impacts us equally regardless of income, education, or other social determinants. No one is immune to it and no one can really escape its [...]

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BioActive Peel by Dermalogica

Dermalogica BioActive™Peel vs Chemical Peel Remember the episode from Sex In The City when Samantha had a peel and looked liked a tomato for days after? The BioActive Peel is NOT that kind of peel! Most of us are under the impression that a chemical peel involves pain, redness and obnoxious amounts of skin peeling. [...]

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