If you often find yourself pondering in the skin care aisle of your local drug store, and then staring at the shelves at the spa for a hint of what product to choose for your skin, you’re not alone. While over the counter (OTC) products may come in attractive packaging, they also tend to be less expensive than professional skin care products. But what does that price difference represent, and is it based off of which product is better?

While we can’t speak for all professional products and all OTC products, we can tell you what sets apart the skin care products you’ll find at Balance Spa compared to what you may find OTC.

Value in Investing in Quality Professional Skin Care Products

While OTC products may appear cheaper, there is a value in investing in professional products that are tailor recommended toward you. As opposed to OTC skin care, professional products recommended by a skin care professional are more likely to provide better results for your skin. So while you may save money on drug store products, they may not give you the specific result you are looking for. For example, if you want to clear up your skin and achieve that youthful glow, aesthetician Corinne Ciacciarelli recommends understanding that a professional can better guide you toward that goal, using high quality, professional products.

The Big Differences Between Professional Skin Care and OTC Skin Care Productsskin care products

Okay, so you know now that a professional can help you find the proper product for your skin. But still, what is the significant difference between professional skin care products that you would find at the spa compared to getting a recommendation for an OTC product? Aesthetician Carolyn Krome says that the products that are carried at Balance Spa have been specially selected based on the heavy research that went behind making the product. These are products that have gone through quality testing to ensure that they can maintain the promises they keep on the bottles. For example, testing may involve making sure that the molecules in the ingredients are just the right size in order to truly penetrate the skin. This is testing that you aren’t necessarily promised with OTC products. Along with this, Corinne says that “professional products are more focused on results than on mass selling.”

Benefits of Professional Skin Care Products

  1. Created specifically for the professional setting

The products often found in the spa setting are professional products that are intended for spas or well-qualified beauty and wellness industries. A great example of a product used at Balance Spa is Circadia. Carolyn says this company is “constantly looking at the latest advancements and ingredient technology.” In other words, they continue to change their formulas, always seeking improvement and researching the effectiveness of their products. This is opposed to some OTC products that never change their formulas, keeping them the same for years. Not only do professional products tend to be more heavily researched, but by being created specifically for the professional setting, Corinne says it is assumed that these are products that are being suggested by a skin care professional. Therefore, there is a higher expectation in what these skin care products can achieve.

  1. Often founded and directed by industry professionals

Many of the products sold at Balance Spa have been created by dermatologists and physicians. This means you’re getting a product that is coming from someone not only with a passion for what they’re selling but also coming from their own direct experience helping patients with skin care. Therefore, they had a pre-existing knowledge and understanding of what works before entering the skin care product industry.

  1. Stronger ingredients

Corinne says that professional “skin care companies maintain the integrity of the ingredients by producing in small batches that have higher levels of active ingredients and have fewer preservatives and fillers.” Essentially, there is a different focus for professional skin care companies as opposed to those of OTC products. While OTC products often focus primarily on marketing and mass selling, professional skin care companies have a smaller range of focus by marketing specifically to spas and those in the beauty industry. This allows them the space to focus on the quality of ingredients going into the product.

At Balance Spa, we proudly use these skin care lines:

  • Dermalogica
  • Circadia
  • Skin Fitness
  • Sacred Earth
  • Spa Technologies
  • Source Vital
  • Hylunia
  • M’lis
  • PrimaFleur

Of these products, of course Corinne and Carolyn have their favorites:

  • Dermalogica because of their education for aestheticians. As touched on earlier, professional skin care products are great, but it’s even better when you can get personalized and professional recommendations from a skin therapist so that you get the specific needs of your skin met. When visiting an aesthetician, they have the opportunity to actually work with your skin and determine what would be the best product for you. Through Dermalogica’s focused education toward aestheticians, they allow the skin therapist to get to know the product, the ingredients in the product, and what they would be most useful for. Not only that but the company was founded by a skin therapist who Corinne says believes in skin health as opposed to just what is considered “beauty.”
  • Circadia was also a mutual favorite Corinne says due to their effectiveness, philosophy and their product integrity. Circadia was founded by Dr. Pugliese, originally a family medicine practitioner before deciding to study skin for over 40 years! His passion and desire to help people access quality skin care is what led to the beginning of Circadia. This family business is also excellent at delivering education workshops to aestheticians. Their focus is less on pushing their products and more about educating aestheticians on the ingredients in the products and their benefits on the skin.

From here, you’ve probably come to the conclusion that professional skin care products are likely the way to go. But please remember this significant point about professional skin care products:

You can find the best product when you have a professional work with your skin.

Therefore, book your facial at Balance Spa with one of our wonderful aestheticians and get your recommendation today.