Facial Cupping

Balance Spa is adding a new therapy to our set of relaxing spa treatments: facial cupping. We know it’s not as typical as a deep-tissue massage or a facial.  So, here’s an introduction to facial cupping and why we think you should try it.

What is Facial Cupping?

Cupping is part of traditional medicine practices in China and the Middle East. It is often used alongside acupuncture, massage, and herbal therapies. During a cupping session, glass cups are used to create temporary suction on the skin. You may have seen pictures of Olympic athletes after cupping treatments, but anyone can benefit from cupping – not just elite athletes.

Facial cupping is similar to cupping on the rest of the body, but in this case, the cups are applied only to the face and head. The cups come in many in different shapes to accommodate the contours of your face. Unlike body cupping, which typically leaves behind cup marks or bruises, this is a gentle therapy that won’t leave harsh marks.

At Balance Spa, you can book a 60 or 90 minute facial cupping appointment.  Also included is a skin cleansing, a neck and scalp massage, and facial hydration. You can also experience a 30 minute foot cupping appointment.  Limited on time?  Add 20 minutes of facial cupping to a massage service for added circulation and tension relief.

How does facial cupping work?

facial cupsCupping creates suction that pulls blood to the surface of the skin and increases circulation. That increased blood flow may help relieve muscle tension, which is a common cause of headaches and jaw pain. The facial cups gently pull apart the many layers of skin and other tissue in your face, which encourages the production of collagen and restorative chemicals.

As your body processes blood cells that were brought to the area, it releases anti-inflammatory chemicals both locally and throughout the rest of the body. In addition, changes in pressure as the cups are applied and removed might help relieve sinus congestion and promote lymphatic drainage. Your sinuses are large cavities within your head that can fill with fluid if you are sick or experiencing allergies. Facial massage and cupping may help decrease that congestion by encouraging the fluid to leave your sinuses.

What are the benefits of facial cupping?

Although cupping is not typically used in Western medicine, or even included in research studies, there is a long history of using cupping to manage all sorts of ailments in Eastern medicine. There are many benefits of cupping, but perhaps most importantly, facial cupping is relaxing. Just like any other spa treatment, it gives you a chance to decompress, focus on yourself, and take a break. That alone can have incredible benefits. In addition, facial cupping is thought to improve fine lines and wrinkles and decrease puffiness. Adding in moisturizer and massage helps add to these effects.

There is some scientific research that shows that cupping helps decrease aches and muscle pain, but more research is required to fully understand the relationship between cupping and pain. Nonetheless, many people treated with cupping therapy report decreased headaches and less neck pain.

Cupping may be especially beneficial if you aren’t feeling your best. Your lymphatic system naturally removes dead cells and waste, but sometimes it slows down or gets overloaded. That’s what causes swollen lymph nodes in your neck when you have a head cold. Improved circulation in your head and neck helps move the dead cells along in the lymphatic system.

Cupping is not recommended for broken or irritated skin, so avoid doing any cupping during a breakout or when you have a rash. Other than that, cupping is very safe and has limited side effects.

If you would like to book a facial cupping treatment, you can call Balance Spa at 561-208-8111 or use our easy online booking service. We hope to see you soon.