Today, homeopathic medicine and therapies are becoming less taboo and more of a norm. But if you’re a skeptic like me, you may wonder whether these methods are actually effective vs. their science-backed counterparts. 

Delving into your research, you’ll likely read about a wide array of natural healing methods but they all lead back to the same thing – vibrational therapy.

So what is vibrational therapy?

Think of the universe as if it was split into various layers/planes. The plane that we knowingly experience is what we can physically feel, see, hear, smell, etc. It has been theorized that there is a separate plane of energy that can manifest itself into our physical plane of existence.

Vibrational Energy Healing Explained Through Chakras

For example, it is thought that you have 7 main chakras that flow up your body – the root, sacral, navel, heart, throat, third eye, and crown. Each chakra is essentially energy and represents different areas of your life. Everything you think and experience has its own vibration that can build up blockages in these chakras, lowering your energetic vibration and creating an actual feeling of a blockage in your physical and emotional being, such as:

  • Root: Lack of a sense of security contributing to anxiety
  • Sacral: Lack of control and creativity bringing about addictive behaviors
  • Navel: Lack of confidence which can lead to digestive issues
  • Heart: Feeling of loneliness and isolation
  • Throat: Fear of speaking up which can manifest as sore throats
  • Third Eye: Closed-mindedness and stagnancy (low zest for life)
  • Crown: Feeling insignificant and lacking a sense of guidance which can manifest as headaches

If ignored, your vibration can remain low, which is thought to make you more susceptible to illness and impact your quality of life. 

How does vibrational energy healing work?

There are recommended yoga poses, colors to surround yourself with, food to eat, tasks to do, vibrational sound therapy, etc. for each chakra to let go and create a better balance in your life. These techniques are thought to each have their own vibration which can raise the vibration in the energetic field, helping move things along and clear out the blockages you’re experiencing.

Vibrational energy isn’t just in reference to the chakras though. The chakras are one way to see how vibrational frequencies manifest, but vibrations are thought to be in everything, some things having low vibrations and others having high vibrations.

Does vibration help healing?

I’ll stop right there for a moment and address your skepticism. Whether or not you believe in a separate plane of existence, you can still benefit from vibrational energy healing techniques. If you keep an open mind, bring your attention to the present moment, and simply observe your thoughts without judgment, you allow yourself to open up to and let go of the thoughts, emotions, and experiences you have been holding onto. Vibrational therapy is simply a method to help you get there and has been practiced for thousands of years. But it will not work if you are not willing.

“It enhances the awareness that is already within each of us,” Carmen Lisa Marie, licensed massage therapist at Balance Spa, said. “Of course there is the scientific explanation where the nervous system can go into its parasympathetic state with relaxation and be in its best state for healing.”

Disclaimer: While vibrational therapy can be beneficial to both the mind and body, it is not proven to actually heal illnesses therefore seeing a physician is still advised. What vibrational therapy does do is aid in relaxation, bringing you to a better sense of emotional wellbeing which can in turn aid in pain management, emotional blockages, and more.

How to Get Started with Vibrational Therapy

I’ve tried it all – yoga, meditation, essential oils, crystals, etc. And while all of these have their own unique benefits, I rarely work on evaluating the chakras running up my spine to see where I may have blockages. Curious about Balance Spa’s current seasonal special of vibrational energy healing therapy, I booked a session with Carmen.

I can’t tell you that energy on another field was altered because that is based on belief. But by keeping an open mind throughout the session, simply observing the thoughts and emotions that came up for me, and allowing my body to rest, I left that day feeling deeply relaxed.

Vibrational Sound Therapy Tuning Forks

What does a vibrational therapy session involve?

Because vibrational energy healing refers simply to energy that creates healing vibrations, there are many ways to go about creating and moving that energy, including the use of crystals, essential oils, actual mechanical vibrations, and more. Therefore, every vibrational therapy session is going to be different, but at Balance Spa, Carmen uses vibrational energy healing techniques such as reiki and breath work as well as vibrational sound therapy with singing bowls and tuning forks.

“The flow of my work starts with a body scan and from there I work intuitively,” Carmen said. “I follow the Tantric Buddha philosophy (Tantra meaning expansion). Expansion of awareness and expansion of energy!”

Carmen also has a background in yoga philosophy. She uses that, her knowledge of breath work, and the chakras to direct the vibrational energy, helping guide clients to a relaxed state where the energy can “work its own magic.”

Other Vibrational Energy Healing Techniques at Balance Spa

As a seasonal special, a vibrational energy healing therapy session with Carmen is only available until the end of this month, December 2019. 

But Balance Spa actually uses a variety of vibrational energy healing techniques throughout their other services. These include:

Whether you’re a firm believer in homeopathic medicine and vibrational energy healing, or are simply looking for an additional way to bring more peace and relaxation into your life, vibrational therapy can benefit anyone. 

Some ways to bring vibrational energy healing therapy into your home is to practice yoga and meditation techniques, purchase pure essential oils from Balance Spa, listen to binaural beats, and more.

To book your vibrational energy healing therapy session or learn more about how Balance Spa incorporates vibrational energy healing into their treatments, contact 561-208-8111 today.