Your bags are packed, you’re headed out the door, and you’re off to your vacation destination. But as you check into your hotel or Airbnb, you feel a slight scratch in your throat. Shrugging it off until the next morning, you wake up to your first day of vacation with the common cold. 

Whether it was the passenger next to you on the plane, a coworker who came to work sick, a family member you knew you shouldn’t have hugged at the last gathering, running into someone who’s sick is always inevitable. And there’s rarely ever an opportune time to get sick.

Despite its bacteria-fighting abilities, the act of washing our hands doesn’t seem to be enough to completely stop the bacteria from nudging their way in. That’s because it’s not just a matter of getting rid of the toxins on a surface level. It’s about knowing how to prevent and fight off viruses using your body’s most natural medicine – the immune system.

By understanding how the immune system works and taking action, you can increase your body’s resistance to bugs and viruses over time. This means less sick time, less money spent on medications that only disguise symptoms as opposed to treating them, and more time to enjoy and experience the world.

One passive, but highly effective immune booster is an infrared sauna, a source of heat that penetrates the body’s tissues, helping relieve stress and pain. Infrared sauna spas are commonly known for their relaxation and weight loss benefits, but they can also help your body fight off toxins. 

Here’s how infrared sauna spas can help strengthen your immune system:

They Induce Germ-Fighting Fevers & Increase Production of White Blood Cells Infrared Sauna Spas and White Blood Cells

The high temperatures of an infrared sauna spa (around 130 degrees Fahrenheit) raise the core temperature of the body, creating a temporary, artificial fever that triggers the immune system. 

During a fever, your bone marrow and thymus release an increased number of white blood cells (T cells and B cells) that are able to detect harmful bacteria. These cells then work together to bind to and attack these microorganisms, helping your body fight off infection.

Immune System DetoxThey Help Your Body Detox

Not only does the high heat of an infrared sauna spa bring on an induced fever, but it also makes you sweat, helping your body release toxins you have built up from the air and products you’ve touched. 

While white blood cells fight infections and harmful bacteria that are currently in your system, sweating releases other toxins that could weaken your immune system, such as heavy metals, urea, and BPA

They Promote Restful Sleep

There are other lifestyle factors that contribute to the health of your immune system, such as your diet, your fitness regimen, your stress levels, etc. A balanced lifestyle helps contribute to better health and a stronger immune system, which means less time being sick. 

Infrared sauna spas can help you get more restful sleep, a vital immune booster. This is because a drop in body temperature signals your body that it’s time to rest. Following the increase in body temperature from a warm bath or an infrared sauna in the evening, your body temperature drops, helping you relax and fall into a deeper sleep. 

While infrared saunas cannot 100% prevent illness, they are excellent immune boosters to make your body more efficient at attacking harmful bacteria. 

At Balance Spa, we have the best in infrared sauna technology, with your own private infrared sauna spa room set to a wellness program made specially for you. Contact us today to book your appointment and start experiencing a life of balance.

So let’s try this again. Your bags are packed, you’re headed out the door, and you’re off to your vacation destination. As you check into your hotel or Airbnb, you sigh in deep gratitude for your body taking care of you every step of the way.