About Michelle Boster

Always fascinated and interested in alternative health and wellness options, Michelle began her career in 1993 by graduating from the International Academy of Alternative Health in Cape Town, South Africa. Licensed in Florida since 1996, Michelle’s specialties include: Skin Care Treatments (for all skin types/conditions), Waxing, Body Treatments, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Foot Reflexology, Microdensitometer, Cupping Therapy and Aromatherapy. Building on her skills as a practitioner, Michelle has managed a large scale country club spa and a boutique spa, Balance Spa, which she still currently owns and operates. Michelle’s focus is to improve quality of life and movement through therapeutic touch. The human body, and its incredible ability to heal when in a healthy state of balance, fuels her passion to create customized experiences for her spa clientele. Michelle brings these values to Balance Spa where she strives to ensure each client has a quality experience through balance and healing.

Facial Cupping

Facial Cupping Balance Spa is adding a new therapy to our set of relaxing spa treatments: facial cupping. We know it’s not as typical as a deep-tissue massage or a facial.  So, here’s an introduction to facial cupping and why we think you should try it. What is Facial Cupping? Cupping is part of traditional [...]

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Dry Brushing

What is dry brushing? Dry brushing, also known as dry body brushing, is a popular beauty technique that combines exfoliation and massage. It’s simple: you just rub a stiff-bristled bath or shower brush in gentle circles all over your body.  Do this usually before showering or bathing (that’s where the “dry” part comes in). Dry [...]

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CBD Massage

CBD Massage Balance Spa is now offering CBD Massage, a relaxing, pain-relieving massage that incorporates hemp extract made by Mary’s Nutritionals. We know there is a lot of misinformation about hemp and CBD out there, so here are some clarifications about their benefits and contraindications. There is a lot of good news: CBD is natural, [...]

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Lympho-Fascial Release

Your Lymphatic System Your body has two circulatory systems, one of them is your bloodstream and the other is your lymph system. It runs throughout your body, and has two pathways, one deep and one superficial. Lymph fluid itself is clear and colorless.  It contains white blood cells that bathe your tissues in nutrients and [...]

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BioActive Peel by Dermalogica

Dermalogica BioActive™Peel vs Chemical Peel Remember the episode from Sex In The City when Samantha had a peel and looked liked a tomato for days after? The BioActive Peel is NOT that kind of peel! Most of us are under the impression that a chemical peel involves pain, redness and obnoxious amounts of skin peeling. [...]

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