Slimming Body Wrap by M’lis

Spa Body Wrap For Toning & Inch Loss

Almost every spa menu these days offers a slimming body wrap of some kind.  And for good reason!  I was skeptical at first but have since been pleasantly surprised by how Contour Slimming Body Wrap by M'liseffective they can be.

I’m not talking about those body wraps that suck every last drop of moisture out of you causing you to lose 5 pounds only to put it back on (plus some more) a week later.  I’m talking about the M’lis’ Contour Body Wrap that offers permanent inch loss (not caused by excessive sweating).  I will go into more detail on the process but when you’re wrapped up there is no sweating.  So, if there is no sweating and you lose inches it means that you’re actually flushing out fat and toxins!  Cool!

The Contour Body Wrap was originally developed by a UCLA biochemist to enhance circulations and lymphatic flow in patient with diabetes and other chronic diseases.  Further research revealed that the wrap not only increased circulation but also cleansed the tissue which resulted in healthy inch loss and smoother skin.  The Contour Body Wrap is a complete detoxification system for internal and external cleansing, cellulite reduction and inch loss.

The next million dollar question is: is it permanent?  Yes but it comes with a “but” (not a big “butt”!).  As long as you don’t replace the toxins you’ve eliminated.  Eat healthy, drink healthy (lots of water) and do some exercise.  You can expect to lose 4 – 14” with each treatment which is pretty impressive.  This body wrap system has been around for over 30 years which is further testament to its efficacy.

So how does the treatment work?  It takes just over an hour and you’re going to be wrapped up (comfortably) in saran-wrap like King Tut (neck to ankle)! You can wear your bikini bathing suit and be completely comfortable. First your skin is exfoliated with a scrub, then the treatment cream is applied and a special wrapping technique is used to help firm and lift the “trouble areas”.  The wrapping also plays a role in enhancing lymphatic drainage.

A Natural Slimming Body Wrap

Like most holistic treatments, a series of body wrap treatments is more effective than just one (ideally 4 – 6).  You probably wouldn’t want to do more than 1 treatment per week.  There are also a few awesome take home products to compliment the treatment and extend results.  A Cell-U-Rid Tissue Detoxifier oral supplement is ideal for pre and post treatment enhancement.  The HEAT exercise gel stimulates circulation and tones during exercise.  To maintain, the Anti-Cellulite Lotion is loaded with essential nutrients.

I was very impressed with the toning and slimming I saw after only one treatment and cannot wait to finish my series.  Feel free to come in and speak with Diana Doolin in person if you have any questions about this amazing wrap.   She will gladly take precise measurements before and after the treatment to show you how many inches you lose.  Here’s a link to the FAQ’s on M’lis’ website if you want to hear directly from the manufacturer.

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And that’s a WRAP!

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