Click on the treatment name to schedule an appointment for body waxing or facial waxing treatments. From Eyebrow, to Upper Lip and more, we offer a variety of services for your waxing needs.

Half Leg (Lower) $35
Half Leg (Upper) $45
Half Leg + Bikini$55
Full Leg (no bikini)$65
Full Leg + Bikini$80
Bikini Line$32
Eyebrow (wax or tweeze)$25
Upper Lip$18
Sides of Face$25
Half Arm$30
Full Arm$48
Back Wax$60

Body Waxing or Facial Waxing

If you’ve been considering waxing but are not sure if it is right for you, please read our blog to find out more.

Be assured that we use the best quality, professional products (Satin Smooth) for our body waxing services. Satin Smooth wax has a very low melting temperature so there is zero risk of burn. These waxes have soothing ingredients like Azulene, Zinc Oxide and Tea Tree for best results.

Your skin is cleaned and prepared appropriately before and soothing products are applied after to ease any discomfort.

We use both soft wax and hard wax, depending on which area of the body or face we are waxing. On larger, less sensitive areas we will generally use a strip to remove the wax (this is a soft wax). On small, more sensitive areas we use a hard wax (this is removed without a waxing strip). When needed, we apply pressure and support your skin for more comfortable removal. Remember you should never expose freshly waxed skin to the sun without wearing sunscreen.

Our blog article will provide more details on when the best time is to be waxed and how long your hair needs to be ideally for best results. Please do not hesitate to call us with any questions at 561-208-8111.

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