Making the Most of Your Massage

For most of us, having a massage is a very welcome treat!  And they don’t usually happen every day, so, here are some insider tips on how to make the most of your experience.

Shower Before is Better Than After

Massage ExperienceThere are a few things you can do before your massage to ensure the optimal experience.  Having a shower before your massage has multiple benefits.  Firstly, being clean is nice not only for you but your massage therapist as well!  Also, the relaxation effect of a warm shower will help your muscles relax, enhancing the work of the massage therapist.

Don’t Leave Your Work Out Until Later

It is tough prioritizing when you want to get multiple activities squeezed into one day.  But, there is no reason to skip your workout when a good workout before will warm your muscles up nicely for the massage.  The massage will also feel so much better after a good workout.   Don’t be tempted to convince yourself you will work out after the massage as the chances are you will be too relaxed!

Consistency is Key

One massage every few years is not going to do the trick.  If you want to maintain muscle health and help prevent future injures, having a massage once a month or every 6 weeks is the minimum you need.  If you have specific injuries in more than one area, it is usually not possible to address everything in one 60 minute session.  Massage therapy should be part of your long term wellness routine.

Eat Light and Not Right Before

Firstly, lying on a full belly is not comfortable but massage also stimulates digestion so it’s not a good idea to eat a big, heavy meal right before your massage.  A meal a few hours prior and perhaps a very light snack shortly before your massage is ideal.  Don’t skip eating as you may feel light headed or dizzy during the massage.

Be Specific When You Schedule

Before you pick up the phone to book your appointment, think about the experience you would like to have.  Take a mental check of your body and mind and decide if you need a deep tissues massage to really workout the muscle tension or if you really just need to relax.  When you call to schedule, let the coordinator know which type/style of massage you need.

Undress for Success

Removing all your clothing can seem awkward but remember that your private parts will remain covered at all times.  Licensed massage therapists are trained in the art of “draping” which allows them to uncover only the areas they are working on.  You may also undress to the point you feel comfortable to you do not have to remove all of our clothing.  However, underclothes can sometimes interrupt the flow of a massage stroke so if you’re after the ultimate experience, disrobing fully is recommended.

Schedule For Ultimate Enjoyment

Sometimes we see clients coming and going in a mad rush and it doesn’t seem as if they getting the most out of their massage.  We recommend scheduling your massage ahead of time rather than trying to squeeze it in between an already hectic schedule.  Ideally you want to arrive in an open, relaxed frame of mind and leave feeling even better.  To get the full benefit of relaxation, try not to schedule stressful meetings or events right after your massage.

Just Say So

Don’t feel as if your therapist will be slighted I you ask them to go deeper or lighter or spend more time in one area.  Actually, massage therapists appreciate the feedback as it helps them to structure the massage based on your needs.  This is your massage and you should get what you need.  Try to think of what you would like to get out of your massage before you even go into the treatment room and communicate that to your therapist during the intake discussion.

Pain is Not Always Gain

Just because it doesn’t hurt, does not mean it’s not working!  We promise!  Some light tenderness or a feeling of release is normal. The idea is to get the muscle to stretch lightly and release. This happens more readily when the muscle is relaxed.  If too much pressure is applied, the muscle tends to tense creating the opposite effect of the intention of the massage.  Don’t hesitate to let your therapist know if something hurts!

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